TriDot 101 – What is my Triathlon Training Stress Profile (TSP) and Why Should I Care?

TriDot Triathlon TSP Training Stress Profile

Triathlon is stressful—literally. And for good reason. After all, stress is the point of good triathlon training. This is because we induce stress so as to incur a positive result later. However, to be a positive result, your body must be capable of absorbing the training in a beneficial way.

5 Rules About Buying and Wearing Triathlon Running Shoes - Part 1

TriDot Triathlon Training Buying and Wearing Triathlon Running Shoes

Decided you want to make a more informed decision about purchasing and wearing your next pair of triathlon running shoes? Look no further! Here are five rules to consider before lacing up:

1. Support Your Local Running Shop

Yes, you can buy shoes cheaper online. Unfortunately, this fact is killing (in my opinion) a very necessary industry. Your local running/triathlon store provides important services that the browser window simply cannot deliver.

TriDot Check-In: B.J. Leeper

TriDot Check-In BJ Leeper Triathlon Coach

When did you begin triathlon?

Basically, I picked up triathlon about 8 years ago, and raced my first triathlon the end of the season in 2009. The most remarkable story I’ll share with you is that I got into triathlon actually on a whim. I had a friend who had done several triathlons, and he has the same body type as me (we’re both about 6’4”), so he talked me into borrowing his bike.

Ten Things to Check on Triathlon Race Weekend

TriDot Triathlon Training Race Day Checklist

Preparing for a single disciplined sport is challenging enough. In triathlon, you’re tasked with the daunting expectation to compete in three sports in one day. Consequently, this ups the ante on how much goes into the preparation for your triathlon race weekend.

When it comes to the big events like IRONMAN, there are a lot of things to check and be prepared for the day before and the morning of triathlon race day. Here are the ten things to check on triathlon race weekend.


1. Weather

How to Overcome Pain in Triathlon

Pain is a wholly necessary component to success in anything. You don’t get good at your job without some struggle or challenge. In triathlon, pain is the primary currency for improvement. It may seem scary at first, but there are ways to overcome pain that perhaps you haven’t considered before. Here are a few mental exercises that, if incorporated consistently in your daily routine, can help you rethink how to handle pain.


Prioritize Goals more than your Feelings

3 Key Insights About the Triathlon Run

TriDot Triathlon Training Insights About Run

“To run is to be free,” said the hippie who had never done a triathlon.

The third leg of any triathlon is often dreaded for succinct albeit legitimate reasons. This is the moment upon whence we fully grasp the notion that gravity is not a habit easily broken. For potentially hours you had been relying on either water or a bicycle to mitigate the weight of your own body, but now no longer. This moment allows for no breaststroke, no coasting, and no excuses. It’s you versus the road.

How to Train for a Triathlon During an Injury

TriDot Triathlon Training during injury

If you’re a triathlete and you’ve never been injured – congratulations on being in the minority. For the rest of us, however, we’ve been down this frustrating path before. The worst situation to be in, of course, is waist deep in triathlon training for a very expensive race and that nagging injury-groundhog rears his head up to announce six more weeks of depression.